Water Chillers

Veracious chillers are perfect solution for each and every industrial cooling application it is highly efficient with maximum energy saving and very low maintenance cost chilled water is very much necessary for many industrial applications as it improves productivity and smoothens the industrial process thus ensuring long life machinery, less production time and drastic reduction in cost

Veracious chillers specialities

  • High efficiency Danfoss (France) piston type and Copeland (USA) compressor

  • Long life heat exchanger SS316 shell because of its high chlorine resisting capacity with maximum heat transfer efficiency

  • Maximum power saving with a high COP

  • Larger condenser surface area for optimum heat transfer and coated with anti-corrosive

    chemicals specially for GCC climatic conditions

  • Very low noise level

  • Weather proof cabinet for all climatic conditions including sea sides

  • Multi programmable digital temperature control systems

  • Low electrical input KW and high heating and cooling outputs

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